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OLYMPIC DISTANCE – 1500m [2 laps of 750m]

Triathletes of the SPRINT distance will be swimming in any stroke they want towards the first buoy, where they must overpass it leaving it on their right-hand side. Then they need to swim to buoy 2 where they must take a right-hand turn leaving the buoy again on their right, and then swim to buoy number 3 towards the exit of the swim.

Athletes of the OLYMPIC distance will have to do a second lap following buoys 1, 2, and 3 before heading to the exit. In case an athlete does not “clear” the buoys as depicted there exists the possibility of a DSQ. The triathletes will be responsible for covering the distance of 750m or 1500m as described. The temperature of the water will be measured on race morning and announced 60 min pre-start. Please observe wet suit regulations regarding usage: Age groupers – wet suit usage -based on water temperature.


SPRINT DISTANCE – 20km [2 laps of 10km]

OLYMPIC DISTANCE – 40km [4 laps of 20km]

The bike lap is 10km long. Athletes of the Sprint Distance will be covering the distance 2 times and come back to the T-Area and athletes of the Olympic Distance will cover the same lap 4 times before entering the T-Area. Turn point for the laps will be clearly marked with a sign “BIKE TURNING POINT”. The bike section will be clearly marked and marshaled. Triathletes must follow signs and directions given by marshals and the race director in the race’s official vehicle. Be courteous to fellow athletes and avoid non “fair play” at all times. The course is technical and care is needed. There are no major hills and for the Olympics, Distance DRAFTING IS NOT ALLOWED, and it will be ENFORCED. Olympic Distance triathletes must follow non-drafting rules. If caught drafting by a Marshal you shall be given notification by shouting towards the athlete and showing a YELLOW CARD. A second drafting violation by the same triathlete equals a RED CARD given by the marshal which means that the athlete must serve 1 minute at the Penalty Box. Athletes must be aware that if a red card is given to them they must serve the 1-minute penalty immediately after the bike segment at the Penalty Box*. A third drafting violation by the same athlete means that this athlete receives automatically a DSQ from a marshal.
Athletes are responsible to count how many laps they have covered. The organizers will score the passings of each athlete in each lap and they will DSQ an athlete who has covered fewer laps. At the end of their lap, the athletes will follow the directions for the Bike finish / T-area. Absolutely no participation is allowed if a triathlete does not use an approved helmet on the bike course.



SPRINT DISTANCE – 5km [1 laps of 5km]

OLYMPIC DISTANCE – 10km [2 laps of 5km]

The run section is a point-to-point flat route 5km long. The Sprint distance participants will run 1 lap of 5km and the Olympic distance participants will cover 2 laps of 5km. The athlete exits the T-area heading east following a path – pavement. There will be 1 feed zone station (water, fruits) at the 2,5 km of the run lap, and signs to direct the triathletes towards the finish. Signs will alert triathletes as to the 1km & 500m before the finish line. Triathletes are advised to be careful of other pedestrians on the course. No bare torso and no pushing or non-sportsmanlike behavior are allowed. Even though marshals will aid in the direction of the run course, it is the triathlete’s responsibility to follow the signs that lead clearly to the finish line. Athletes are responsible to cover the correct distance and count how many laps they have covered. All athletes must ensure that they have their bib number on their triathlon belt or pinned on their suit BEFORE they exit T2 towards the run course.



The start will be given sharply at 07:30 for Sprint Distance while the swim start for the Olympic distance athletes will be 8:30 by a signal: “GET SET” AND A long sound of a HORN OR WHISTLE. This is a mass start entering the water. All athletes during entering the water and before the start signal must keep the distances according to the protocols All the athletes must start after the horn (those start before the sound of the horn will receive a time penalty equal to 1 minute to be served after the swim). Not showing up in the penalty box leads to DSQ.


Entering the transition area the triathletes can run or walk towards their respective bike and must wear their cycling helmets, fastened their strap before they pick their bikes, and must wear a top – (NO BARE TORSOS ALLOWED). No riding is allowed in the T area and athletes must push their bike up to the clearly marked MOUNTING LINE.


At the finish of the bike section, at the clearly depicted mount/dismount line all triathletes must dismount and push their bikes to the bike racks, where they must ensure that the bike is safely secured on the rack. Immediately after that athletes head towards the run course as directed by Marshals. In case an athlete has received a Penalty violation it has to be served immediately after the bike segment at the Penalty Box. Before entering the Run section, the athletes must put on their Bib number and adjust it so it is clearly visible at the front of their jersey. To do so, they can use either a triathlon belt or safety pins.

PRELIMINARY Transition Area

Opens at 06:15-08:15 am for bike placement for all athletes. There will be a distinction of the allocation of place on the bike racks between the Sprint Distance and the Olympic Distance participants. Athletes ONLY are allowed in the transition area. The last bike entry in the transition area can take place up until 8:00 am. During the race, only athletes are allowed to enter. At the end of the race, only athletes with proof of their number can exit the T area with their respective bikes. After the race is finished please pick up your bikes no later than 12:30. After 12:30 the bikes will be left unattended and there will be no guarding, therefore no safety for your belongings. Organizers will not be held liable for any losses or damages.